Cleveland Sports 360 Show

The Cleveland Sports 360 show with your host “LG” brings a unique way of presenting sports on this online venue. LG has guest co-hosted The Sports Fix show with J-Rocc Jerry Mires that airs on News Talk Radio WHK 1420 each and every Saturday night at 9:00p.m. Est.

No one in the area hosts an online sports show the way that LG does. In one of his latest shows, he interviewed some guys from Canada who were keeping the dream of Fast-Pitch alive and well for former great Eddie Feigner. These guys found LG to be both entertaining and hilarious at the same time.

There is nothing sacred when it comes to this online internet sports talk show. LG is the guy who offered advice to an NFL Quarterback on Twitter once in the 2012 NFL preseason. The quarterback didn’t appreciate the helpful hints LG was offering when he told the guy 3 for 9 kind of sucks.

LG has had some of the best Cleveland Sports personalities on the show. Names like legendary head coach Sam Rutigliano, Browns running back Montario Hardesty, Dallas Cowboy full-back Lawrence Vickers, former Browns return-man Gerald The Ice-Cube McNeil and Browns running-back Herman Fontenot just to mention a few.

Wait there’s more, the Cleveland Sports 360 show has had Indians play by play man Matt Underwood, Indians pitcher Vinnie Pestano. You just never know who we will have next.

You can catch LG The Voice of Sports every Monday night at 7:00p.m. when he hosts The Cleveland Sports 360 show from 7-8:00p.m. Est. You can also view his past shows on the Cleveland Sports 360 YouTube channel.

Trust me when I tell you this, if you like talk radio that is both entertaining and humorous while still keeping the focus on sports, you have to check out the Cleveland Sports 360 show. We do this for You The Fan.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, we look forward to hearing from you the fan on the next episode of the Cleveland Sports 360 show.