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They interviewed a “personal provider” and did we learn some interesting things from her!

Special guest, the beautiful model/actress, Camile Rowell. This lady brightens up the place and she can dish it out to these two idiots.

Fox Lopez from LA…the ultimate CLEVELAND BROWNS fan calls in for some laughs. Listen as Fox tears into Jeff for being a cheap bastard for not buying his BROWNS t-shirts. (Jeff has bought one but insists that Fox sell parka’s for the cold weather up here.)

Jeff and LG’s mouths are faster than machine guns with their opinions that will make you double over in pain from laughing –or- get you mad enough that you might want to throw a hammer at them! Whatever the case may be…tune in every Friday night at WWW.STREAMINGSPORTSTALK.COM from 8PM-9PM Friday nights. Call in at XXX-XXX-XXXX and try to piss them off!

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