No, the Chiefs won’t be able to beat a pissed off Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos teammates. The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t get to Manning when they had two healthy pass rushers. there is no way they can get to him with just Hali.

The Chiefs are going to lose their 3rd game in a row when they face Denver this Sunday. Manning and his Broncos are still upset over the loss in New England, and the team is going to take out their frustrations on the Chiefs.

The Chiefs Defense isn’t going to be good enough to stop Manning. We show just how vulnerable the defensive secondary was last Sunday against the Chargers. Smith and the Chiefs offense performed well, but they could stop the Chargers from scoring a touchdown in the final seconds of the game.

It’s up to the Chiefs defense to stop the opposing teams offense and they let the team down. The Chiefs have said all season, they weren’t getting the respect they thought they were entitled to.

There is a reason for that. This Chiefs team is good, don’t misunderstand me. But lets face it, they were already highly over-rated and the experts knew the defensive secondary was the weak link on this team.

Manning was able to thread the needle in the first meeting, and I expect more of the same this time around. You could see it on Andy Reid’s face last Sunday. He looked like a man who know it was only a matter of time before the team started to crash and burn. The second meeting against the Broncos is more important than the first time around.

Both teams need this win, and Manning has more experience in getting wins than Smith does. The Chiefs won’t beat the Broncos in game 2. As much as we would have like to see this story book continue, I’m afraid it is over.

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  1. Tyrone Jackson

    Go chiefs go


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