Broncos fan Kara Christian who is dying from terminal breast cancer penned a note thanking the Denver Broncos for all they have done for her. The Broncos gave her a field pass for the AFC Championship Game and a team-signed ball.

Christian has been a Broncos fan since age 5. According to the Denver Post, she won a season ticket lottery and it includes supper bowl tickets. She does plan on making the trip to the Super Bowl to support the Broncos.

Here is what she wrote that the Denver Post featured as a page in the paper,

“You shall never know how much your kindness and support has meant to me throughout my illness.” It concludes, “I was born a Bronco, I bleed orange and I will proudly die a Bronco.” The note is signed, “The Bronco Lady.”

According to a Denver news report, Christian was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last season and didn’t undergo chemo, because it would have interfered with her being able to watch Broncos games.

Look at the picture featured in this article to read her complete letter as it was compliments of the Denver Post.

She certainly had to enjoy this season the Broncos led by Manning gave her. Now, she will see a super bowl win come Sunday.

thanks you Broncos


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Arnold Krause

    The Bronco Lady,
    You story touched my heart I am to a big Bronco Fan from the east coast I never got the chance to meet any of the players or have the things you have from the pictures and football because I don’t make enough money to go to the games or buy the jersey’s. It would be a honor to meet you and sit down to hear stories of you interaction of the broncos you have meet. You have done things I only one day dream of saying.

  2. Rhonda David

    The Bronco Lady,
    Your story was so touching, I myself have been fighting Stage 3-Advanced Breast Cancer for the past 6 yrs. I, too have been a Broncos fan since I was 9 yrs. old, and to read your story and see your pictures makes me wish I were you : ). My sickness has been my 1st Priority as well as taking care of my children, so I have never been to a Broncos game or any kind of game at all. One day, my dream is to take myself and my children to see a Broncos game.. wish I could make the Super Bowl…GO BRONCOS!! If possible, i would like to keep in touch with you.. keep up your fight.. HOPE, LOVE, COURAGE…FIGHT LIKE A GIRL….


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