The Boston Red Sox just finished a game before the two explosion that killed 3 and injured 140 others, rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon. The Red Sox had to board a plane about the time that the explosions were taking place.

Can you imagine how hard it must have been for the players to leave their families behind? Especially not knowing what was going on in the Boston area. The players have to play in Cleveland tonight, for those who had to leave their families behind, it had to be bitter-sweet.

The Red Sox had little choice but to travel to Cleveland for the game. The NBA canceled the Celtics – Pacers game last night. To pack up your stuff and to leave the area with so many injured people and the reports of  more bombs being found, had to take its toll on these guys.

Tonight, when the Red Sox take on their former manager, Terry Francona, it won’t be just a visit to an old friend.  It will be a bunch of guys with heavy hearts taking to the field to try and play the game they love. You can bet this Red Sox team with be thinking about the dead an injured back home. You can also bet their cell phones were ringing off the hook last night too.


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