The Cleveland Browns offensive line is taking plenty of abuse this season. The team has had problems protecting Brandon Weeden, but it is not due to poor offensive line play. The problem is Weeden’s slow reactions.

Anyone who watched how well the Browns performed with Hoyer at quarterback, can easily see the difference. Weeden’s main problem is, he only focuses on his primary receiver. If the guy isn’t open because of his lack of football knowledge, Weeden fails to look elsewhere.

His reaction time is that of a driver pulled over for a D.U.I. and blew a 3.2 in the breathalyzer machine. Weeden is making his offensive line look bad because of the sacks he is taking. This is not a good reflection of how well the offensive line can play.

There isn’t an offensive line in the NFL that can protect a guy who can’t move and holds onto the football far too long. Weeden is not an NFL caliber quarterback and the only reason he is playing for the Cleveland Browns is like head coach Rob Chudzinksi put it, “they have no other choice.”

Given the choice Chudzinski and Turner wouldn’t be playing Brandon Weeden. You could see that by the way Chud bench him even after the doctors cleared Weeden to play football. Now, with Hoyer falling to a season ending injury, you can expect the Browns quarterback to take a ton of sacks in the next 3 weeks.

The Browns take on the Lions in their next game and the team would do well, if they took out a life insurance policy on Weeden.

Then it doesn’t get any easier for the offensive line, they face the Packers and the Chiefs. Both team’s have the ability to get to the quarterback. If Weeden survives the beating he takes against the Lions, he will face more punishment from the Browns next 2 opponents.

It all comes down to Weeden, not being able to make timely decisions. He makes the Browns offensive line look horrible and until he can get up to NFL speed, you can expect people to continue to bad rap the offensive line, but it is not their fault.

It’s Weeden’s.


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  1. Woo

    They started to look better in general once we got Gordon back. Without Gordon teams were putting together more exotic rush schemes without te fear of a legitamate deep threat. Weeden does still sack himself but with Goron back it will give a better idea on how much is actually Weedens fault.

  2. ozymandais

    Keep him in the shotgun and let him laze passes to to gordon its our only hope as he does take some very easy to read sacks. :ast week for what i beleive to be the third sack he stepped up in the pocket too throw only to be sacked by a tackle , the tackle was unblocked but weeden steps up right into him looking directly at the tackle he steps up into him. please another QB

  3. buckeyesRus

    Weeden is slow backing up, slow at reading defenses, and slow at releasing the ball. He embarrasses the OL. Hoyer has quick feet, quick release, and can buy time and still make a play. There is no comparison between Weeded and Hoyer! Must have someone who can play like Hoyer if we are going to do anything this year! Until we can get someone else, Weeden’s only hope is the shotgun!
    Go Browns!

  4. Luke49

    You are saying the exact opposite of what the NFL analysis are saying during, and after the game. The OL PLAY WAS TERRIBLE they couldn’t pass block or run block. That is the very reason Hoyer got hurt, he was running for his life to keep from getting sacked. Your memory must be very short. TR couldn’t help us without blocking, and if a QB takes longer 2 seconds to get rid of the ball , he gets plowed under. Yes, Weeden takes too long to make his reads and deliver the ball, but he delivers it with accuracy and at long distances. I hate it that Hoyer got hurt, we need him, but he could never have made that throw to the corner of the endzone for the TD either.
    Without more help from the OLine no QB on our roster or anyone else’s is going to be as successful as we would like. What happened to Hoyer , happens to these running QBs every week in the NFL. The hits are too hard. If they can’t get rid of the ball, then they have to take the sack. It is pure dollars and cents(sense) . You can only field(sacrifice) so many QBs in one season. Weeden had a decent game give him some credit for execution. Hoyer probably would have done better, but he didn’t get the chance. I know he must be your nephew or something, but without a better OLine I would hate to see the poor boy put back out there, and I bet his mother feels the same.

    • LG

      How long can you expect them to hold guys off of Weeden? The O-line is not as bad as weeden makes them look. I don’t know who you listen to but the analysis who I heard say the same exact thing…

      • Anonymous

        I listened to the guys on the NFL channel. They should know good line play or bad when they see it.

      • Anonymous

        and its not just about Weeden or Hoyer. They can’t block for the run. Any decent OLine can and love to run block. It fits them better. Until they can keep defenses honest with a run game the QBs regardless who they are, are going to get creamed.

        • Samuel Maselu

          Sorry Anon aka Luke49 but you’re just not seein’ it clearly, son. And seriously, you view the ad nauseam opinions of the talking heads as the last word? I watched the entire NFL Network post-game show & did not hear excessive O-line criticism. I did hear one joke about the O-line deciding to stop playing when Weeden enters, but they were referring to one incident. They did, however, seem to think Weeden performed admirably under fire. All but one of them, that is–Heath…oh well, his last name escapes me at the moment, but he’s a former QB, & he said it perfectly: He saw the same old slow (both physically & in reaction time), indecisive, unable-to-check-off, often-inaccurate, basically NFL-incapable Weeden we’ve all seen for over a year now. Yes our O-line is hurting somewhat (literally to some degree) & is not at full strength but overall they’ve been adequate, for both the pass & the run. The latter was evidenced this & the prior 2 games by the running game doing what it had to do, which was gain just enough yardage (mostly tough, grind-’em-out yards by Macgahee) to keep the opposing D honest. At somewhere around 60-70 yds/game he’s doing his job in that regard. Yes the defensive pressure comes fast. That’s the idea. Hoyer, however, was able to react to it quickly & decisively, keeping his head on the proverbial swivel long enough to pick up 2nd & 3rd reads consistently, & hitting them accurately most of the time. Only difference was Weeden didn’t have Gordon first 2 games. But he had him for the 5th game & besides the one long td pass, which was underthrown incidentally, making Gordon perform more of a circus-looking catch than was necessary, Gordon was not able to help Weeden out all that much. Granted, 2 games is obviously not long enough to confidently predict a QB’s (Hoyer) future performance. But all you gotta do is watch to see the difference between Weeden & Hoyer. One, in one full season plus 3 games, has not shown fundamentally-necessary, NFL-level quarterbacking skills. The other has shown these skills in only 2 games.
          P.S. The guy was scrambling to pick up yardage because no one was open, not running for his life as a result of a terrible O-line, as you suggest, you dolt! You told the author of one post “Your memory must be very short”. Memory is apparently not your issue. Skilled observation, interpretation, overall knowledge, on the other hand…

          • Anonymous

            Yes Hoyer was running for the first down, but that wasn’t the design of the play. He was forced out of the pocket because he wasn’t given time to make the throw. The Oline doesn’t give the QB adequate time to let the receivers get clear enough , it takes time sometimes for the play to develop and receivers to get free.

  5. cf4l

    while I do see that the O line protected Hoyer better, I fail to see how Weedon is responsible for Cousins getting lifted out of his shoes straight back into Weedens face. Or Schwartz being beaten like a govt mule around the edge. Yes, Hoyer gets the ball out of there quicker and can make quicker reads. All reasons why he should start if he was healthy. He keeps the rush more honest. But seriously even if Hoyer was in the game the o line can’t give him enough time to throw deep. As good as we seemed to be when Hoyer was in, it’s just a matter of time before teams expose the browns inability to protect their passer for more than 3 seconds. They will press all our receivers and dare Hoyer to throw the ball 50 yds.

    • LG

      He holds the ball too long and is slow making a decision.

  6. Stien

    Just before the Richardson trade you were bashing the O line, make up your mind.

    • LG

      We are saying the O-line isn’t as bad as Weeden makes them look. We have seen the difference when Weeden plays compared to Hoyer playing….

  7. Luke49

    I’m waiting for your article to come out blaming Weeden for the government shutdown, high unemployment, global warming, general global terror. C’mon Man!

    • LG

      Hey come on we all know they wouldn’t let Weeden be a part of running the Government.

      • Anonymous

        why he makes decisions as fast as the gov

  8. superdouche

    so what your saying is a immobile qb cant play in this league is that so?
    so your saying Bernie is the worst qb ever who looked like a crippled flamingo trying to run and held a record for decades most passes consecutive without a pick or maybe dan the man marino who couldn’t get out of his own way if a bus was coming who played on a terrible team that had three playes in total cuper clayton and marino period but what they did have is an oline that could give them 3-5 full seconds to scan the field and make a accurate pass our o-line is playing terrible and any nfl qb barring possibly manning would all be worse if they had to play under the circumstances so in saying that we get it lg you hate weeden and we get that but please man move on he is what we have as our qb our leader our only hope so instead of bashing him into the ground every day how bout giving him his due he came into a game with zero reps no football reps and no preparation for our game plan and didn’t throw a football for two weeks delt with boos and rejection at the beginning I might add over came adversity didn’t let the malice of the fans get in his head came into a game with a 10 point deficit and lead us down the field and put up points all the while looking unfazed by the entire negative situation he entered and never gave up persevered and led us to victory lg I,m not sure if you noticed but we won we won that game because we had weeden and that’s all there is too it now put teul in that situation and oh wait that’s happened and how did that work out also go on about the Benjamin return and the pick six and you know what you have ? its called a team win in a team sport stop trying to kill one guy we win nothing unless we play as a team hats off to the browns because as a TEAM they never gave up and no matter who was in the qb position we got it done ugly or pretty a win is a win every time go browns

  9. Horton

    Weeden is 30 and he plays like a rookie. I would say if he was 24, he would be showing a lot of promise but he’s not 24.
    He’s slow in every way,he can’t read defenses, he can’t get rid of the ball fast enough, he can’t find his receivers and he’s wearing cement boots.
    Hoyer looks like a pro QB, Weeden does not.

    Weeden does have a rocket for an arm but that’s about it.


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