The Cleveland Browns are faced with the decision to start Brandon Weeden in their next game. The fans don’t want it and to tell you the truth the Browns coaching staff don’t want him either.

If they did, they would have not benched Weeden 2 times already this season. He is not the answer and he makes a ton of bad throws and creates turnovers.

If Campbell can’t start next week, the Browns would do well to bring in Tim Tebow. The guy makes things happen and he would bring a level of excitement to Cleveland Browns football the team hasn’t seen since Hoyer went down.

Look at the stats from today’s game. Neither Browns quarterback was setting the world on fire and the team need someone who can make things happen.

If they stick with Weeden, we know where this team is headed. To another 4-12 or 5-11 season. This team has more talent than we are seeing with Weeden behind center and we saw this when Hoyer was playing.

Hoyer was a guy who spent time studying behind Tom Brady. So did Tebow. he was with the Patriots until the final cuts and he had to pick up a few pointers from Brady.

Tebow has won in the NFL. He brings a level of excitement to the football field this Cleveland Browns team needs. Why not give Tebow a shot. The fans would love to see it and you never know. The Browns might be able to win a few football games.

Make the call and bring Tim Tebow to the Cleveland Browns.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. PA

    Did you have a head injury as well? Kidding, but seriously Tebow? He hasn’t taken a meaningful snap in ages, does not know the system and has horrible mechanics. There is a good reason the Rams, Bears, Bill and Brown have overlooked him. He is not an NFL quarterback!

    • LG

      Tebow has won more NFL games than Weeden, Tebow can make things happen and he can run too. We need something to spark a offense rally.

  2. marty

    At this point in the season—why!Browns will be home for Christmas.Play the back ups.Since the Browns came back, how many years are we rebuilding. I expected more out of a game plan. Cleveland ran about six basic plays. All the people at the senoir center had the Browns offense all firgured out. Clock management is non-existant. The hit Jason lost the ball, my wife hits harder and I don’t fall down. The Browns gave up and will never look forward.

  3. motz

    you know why they tell polish jokes in cleveland he was standing on the sidelines this weekend to save a few bucks and not have another Qback ready just pissed off the fan base this is not a player problem this is a front office problem Haslem you jerk

  4. Brion Johnson

    Perfect reminder never to read your work.

  5. Don

    I sat in the freezing wind and snow just to see the disgusting performance of this team. This team made every fan feel like a complete ass.


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