For most of the off-season Joe Banner and the Cleveland Browns have kept general manager Michael Lombardi in hiding. Banner said earlier that Lombardi was too much of a lightning rod. The Cleveland media has a field day when they have a chance to pick on Lombardi, most of the Cleveland fan base remembers all too well about Lombardi’s troubled past with the Cleveland Browns.

It was interesting to see Lombardi hold a press conference last night to talk about the veteran receiver Davone Bess  who the Browns picked up via trade with the Miami Dolphins. Lombardi said it will be good for the Browns to have a veteran wide receiver that could come into camp and help guide the teams younger receiving core.

The press didn’t get much of a chance to pick on the team’s G.M. he stuck to the script and didn’t really take too many questions. Lombardi had this to say about the trade;

“Bess is a really talented, productive receiver. I think he is the 14th most productive receiver in the NFL over the last four years. He’s caught a lot of passes, converted a lot of third downs for the Dolphins. They signed a couple other receivers this year so it was a good opportunity for us to bring him in here and see what he can do in terms being inside the slot, play outside. He does both. He did both last year for Miami. He’s been very productive since he was a free agent out of Hawaii so he’ll certainly give us a chance. Before the trade is official, he going to have to pass his physical though.”

If Bess comes to Cleveland today and passes his physical, the Browns will give him a 3 year contract extension. Lets hope the Browns can get the same kind of production from Bees that they got in Miami.

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  1. Richard Lichtenberger

    I thought new ownership would be for the.good but looks like the same old. Bs. Banner act like mister know it all and when they hired Lombardi I thought they made a mistake and have not changed my mind.


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