According to ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter, The Cleveland Browns are making calls trying to trade back in this years, NFL draft. It depends on what team’s do that are looking for offensive tackles. The Chiefs are reportedly looking at picking, Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher with the first overall pick.

Then it is up to Philadelphia Eagles or Detroit Lions could take a second tackle (the one who isn’t picked by the Chiefs) in the top five, according to Schefter. If the Miami Dolphins or the San Diego Chargers, see Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson, at the 6th pick, then the Cleveland Browns could hear their phone ring.

The Browns may not hear the phone ringing if those tackles are taken with the first 5 picks of the draft. Cleveland is in need of a few quality defensive players. They have a huge hole to fill in their defensive secondary and they are in need of a couple of good line-backers that can help them transition to the 3-4 defense they are turning to this season.

Earlier reports have the Browns thinking about taking a quarterback with their pick in the draft. Who knows what the team is thinking. The Browns brought in Jason Campbell to compete with Brandon Weeden for the quarterback spot. If the team doesn’t have enough faith in Weeden, and they feel the need to take another Q.B. than why keep Weeden ?

There will be lots of Cleveland Fans watching this years draft to see what their Browns are going to do.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. zeusdaddy

    As a life-long Browns fan (and masochist), I can safely say the Browns will do whatever is necessary to set the team back another couple years. new year same old $hit. Just once I’d like to see them prove me wrong.

    • Big Duke

      Zuesdaddy, you are wise beyond your years. Your sage comments tell me you are a well experienced Browns fans. I also agree with your assessment and hope by sheer good luck perhaps they can draft some decent players despite having Lombardi as part of the brain trust.

      I have an emergency back-up plan in place and well tested for Browns draft day to help alleviate any potential draft meltdowns the Browns might want to do e.g. like the little chump kid who still wants to put their hand on the hot stove burner; I’ll start drinking heavily 2 hours before the draft starts.

  2. neurodoc

    It would not surprise me if the Browns took another quarterback because I don’t think there is much faith in Weeden (which I agree); qb choices would have to put faith in potential rather than a player who step into the starting role. And I don’t think the trade-bait of Weeden is strong so why not shore up the defense?


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