The Cleveland Browns are right in the thick of things in the AFC North. It is apparent this team has the talent needed at almost every position to compete for the AFC North this season. The only position lacking is the role, of back up quarterback.

Brandon Weeden is not the solution. After watching him in his first regular season game, it was apparent, he has no place on an NFL roster. The Browns and their fans saw a further display of that point in yesterday’s game.

It was hard to imagine a guy could do worse than a 5.1 quarterback rating which Weeden obtained in his first game as a professional. But in yesterday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, he came away with a rating of 1.4 and he completed one of the 2 passes he threw for a yards per pass average of  minus one yard.

I know he was only in the game for a series or so, but the point is he is useless to this Cleveland Browns organization. Now that the team has a shot at a winning season, what would happen if the needed a back up quarterback?

They simply don’t have one currently on the roster and if the need arises, the team if screwed. The fans and the entire coaching staff had a scare in the Baltimore game when Campbell left with injury.

If the veteran quarterback couldn’t return the Browns would have had another loss to the Ravens. The team has to make a move that would solidify the role of backup quarterback.

Brandon Weeden is just taking up a roster spot and he doesn’t bring any skill set to the game that can help this team win.

It is clear that this front office and the coaching staff has made a commitment to winning this season. The time is now during the bye week to cut Weeden and bring in a quarterback that could step in and help the team win if needed.

Brandon Weeden is not that guy and I certainly think the Browns know that. Get a guy that could help if needed.

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  1. luke49

    They have already reached out to get one and they got cut off at the pass. All the teams are even guarding their scout team QBs from signing with someone else, because of all the injuries. Now Campbell is hurt, maybe he will be alright, but it doesn’t bode well for the future. Maybe they could sign Hershel Walker and see if he still has it in the tank. That would take a lot of pressure off the QB even if is the tight end back there. Despite what you think there are QBs out there that aren’t any better than Weeden and have even less experience. His predecessor at OSU (Zac Robinson) is the scout team QB at the Bengals , and I’ll bet that if the Browns tried to sign him they would give him bigger money to stay just like the others. How about the Browns scout team guy?

    • Arthur

      LG goes on about Weeden’s 5.1 QB rating last year. It was 1 game. Can you name a Browns legend who actually had a worse rating than 5.1 in just 1 game he played in?. Funny how LG never mentions that one, though it would hardly suit his cause to do so. You might be surprised.

      • LG

        Nice try Arthur, your boy weeden is done in the NFL….He sucks get over it already

  2. Wally

    Make a trade for Kellen Moore in Detroit. Browns and Lions have good working relationship. 3-5 draft pick might do it. He can flat out play. Coach on the field.

    • Anonymous

      The trade deadline was last week, to late for any trades.

  3. Ed

    Hey Moron,

    What about when Weeden came in after Hoyer got injured and won the game for us a few weeks back in Buffalo?

    What was his rating then? I know he threw a touchdown pass.

    Its comical to me to listen to all of you experts about what makes a great pro quarterback. Bottom line, win games. Tim Tebow won games in Denver, he even won a playoff game against the Steelers, yet …he is just not an NFL Quarterback.

    Get real.

    At what point is poor quarterbacking related to poor coaching? You have to call plays and set up an offensive scheme that is related to your players strengths and weaknesses.

    Was Tom Brady a great college quarter back? Hell no. Was he great in his first few seasons in the NFL. No way.
    Was Trent Dilfer a great quarterback when he won a Superbowl? NO.

    • Arthur

      95.3. Off the bench. With 1 practice session in 3 weeks.

  4. Miguel Hoselito

    Brandon Weeden is the best quarterback ever in the NFL. I think trading him would be a huge mistake in the history of NFL.

    The best thing to do is to give him some more time. Surround him with excellent players. Have him take tennis lessons, because it would improve his hand eye coordination. And also, have him take flap jack flipping lessons. This will greatly improve his thinking skills such as the ability to read the defense, and make quicker decisions. From this, I think it will take about 2 – 3 years. After that, he is good to go. Browns Super Bowl Champs for the next 5 years.

    Please Mr. Haslam, Browns Owner keep Mr. Weeden for awhile. Thank you
    Go Browns

    • JIM V

      Weedon needs some FLYING J FUEL! That will fix him up!

    • Brandon Li

      Ya might want to add ballet lessons for Mr. Weeden too. He moves like a 3 legged camel on ice. Maybe Penjak Silat and Kuntao as well with a little Taijiquan for good measure just in case.

      Even with both of our “Wish Lists” completed I doubt even the Justice League could protect him long enough.

      He is a nice guy though and I really thought because of his baseball history he might succeed.

  5. luke49

    I’m still doing handsprings over the win,and the team played great except for the fourth quarter. They played three good quarters, but almost let it get away from them in the fourth. The offense was out scored by twelve points and the defense was letting the Ravens march down the field almost at will in the fourth. The Ravens were marching right down the field for the win but run out of clock. It was great , but we need a full four quarters out of everyone.

    • LG

      Hey, first this team needs to learn how to win which they are doing. Then they need to learn how to really put a team away. Seems to be the problem with all Cleveland sports, they get a lead and then lay back and enjoy it too much. Next thing you know their opponents are right back in it……

  6. marty

    ED,Miguel, and LG;

    First of all, weedon has no trade value at all. Who would want to assume his contract.The other two probley don’t know better. LG, I agree with you 99.9% of the time. You know no ne in their right mind would take him. He has proven he has no talent at all. I do feel for the guy, maybe he got a degree while he was in college.Any QB coming out in the draft is better than Weedon. LG, you remember me and my replies. From day one I was upset at drafting weedon. Name a quarterback that is worse than weedon. Name one thing he does well. Don’t bother, you can’t come up with a answer!

    • Mark


  7. marty

    The problems the Browns now, is second guessing themselves and dumb mistakes. I don’t blame Little, but it is always the one on the receiving end that gets flagged for intimadation. Jason played a good game, he second guessed on his running ability. If we caught it, I’m sure the coaches will address the matter.The browns are a young team. They will never ever be pros at intimidation. Pittsburgh Steelers and the old Oakland Raiders were the expects drawing flags on their opponents.

  8. Arthur

    Where do you get the 1.4 QB rating from?.

    • LG

      From yesterdays stats look it up

      • Arthur

        You are wrong LG. no surprise there. It is not 1.4. It is actually better than Campbells was when he came in for a series in game 2, also against the Ravens. If you are going to quote stats, at least learn how to calculate them correctly. Weedens rating, not that it matters, was 56.2. Campbells was 39.5 in his brief outing. Some of us know how to calculate a QB rating LG. We are also not as selective as you are when it comes to finding any reason at all to write stuff like this.

        • LG

          We are talking about his rating against the Ravens this past Sunday Arthur. You keep trying to convince your self that Weeden is an NFL caliber player. NOT!!!
          Cleveland Passing
          J. Campbell 23/35 262 7.5 3 0 3-18 76.5 116.6
          B. Weeden 1/2 -2 -1.0 0 0 0-0 1.4 56.2

          • Arthur

            This has nothing to do with what I think of Weeden. I know he is not a starter in the NFL, so stop trying to make it about me, or Weeden. I also know you can’t write to save your life LG, and that is what this is really about.
            You choose any figures you can to support your hatred of Weeden. His rating on Sunday, in that one series, was 56.2. Not 1.4. The 1.4 is totally insignificant, and was not needed at all, but you chose to use it to slam Weeden yet again because it looks so bad. I don’t know where you got it from, but it is not the same place as the 5.1 you used in the same piece so it does not belong.
            Still, I ask you again, what was Campbells rating in his one series against Baltimore in Week two, when he also came off the bench and threw 1 of 4 for 6 yards?.
            You can’t keep using stats to continue your vendetta against Weeden, without using almost the same exact criteria for Campbell to show any sense of intelligence, or balance, in your articles. It just makes you look foolish LG, and we all know you are not that stupid!.
            Oh, and the legendary Browns QB that actually threw for a 0.0 rating in one game?. Otto Graham. And his was in a Championship game too. It can happen to the best LG, at any time in their careers, yet you only ever seem to mention the failings of Weeden in your columns and it is so boring, and truly sad.

          • LG

            Arthur, Arthur, How many times must I tell you I have no hate for Weeden. He isn’t cut out for a team sports where he is in control of a team’s destiny. Get over it and get over yourself. I told you before the same thing I am telling you now, I could care less what you think. Weeden SUCKS and it has nothing to do with hating anyone the facts are the facts and the fact is he SUCKS…..You should be in the Cleveland area instead of Florida, then you could see the attitude of the town with just the thought of this over-paid bum stepping on the field.

            Since you love him so much work out a deal with one of your Florida teams and his poor excuse for a QB ass the hell out of our town… Have a Nice day Arthur it’s always a pleasure

          • Arthur

            Wow. What can I say to a response like that?. Your low intellect pushes you into defense mode by getting abusive, I get that, but you did not respond to any of the facts I stated LG. You weren’t only beaten here, you were embarrassed.
            Is there anything at all in your life that you actually do well?. I am being serious LG. If this is what you think is your true vocation in life, I hate to think how bad you must have been at everything else. I heard about the abuse you tried to dish out to a guy on the Fox page. You looked really stupid after that and he showed you up. But to look so small on your own page now is really bad isn’t it, and you should be ashamed of the way you behave.
            Seek help LG. Not just with the writing, but with the other issues you clearly have. Right now, you are an embarrassment to the city of Cleveland, the Browns organization, and to yourself.

          • LG

            beaten and embarrassed? I highly doubt that. You gonna have to try much harder than this…..LMAO

  9. ripped49

    Kellen Moore lmao he has a noodle arm.

  10. AMG

    The middle-school football season just wrapped up – so my nephew is available. We’d get a better backup QB at a fraction of the price…

  11. Jeremy Kumin

    Matt Flynn was just released by Buffalo. I would pick him up and release Weeden.

  12. JIM V

    Enough is enough! Let it go about Weeden. The man has no business being in the NFL! You know it. I know it, God knows it! He could not make it even in minor-league baseball. What in the name of God are you defending when it comes to him being a quarterback in the NFL? You might want to look at other games and see how their quarterbacks operate. If you follow the Brown’s then you’ve seen Campbell and Hoyer at quarterback. They belong in the and NFL as quarterbacks! Our only fear, is that Campbell would get hurt, and then we’d be stuck with him again. What you don’t understand about Weedon is, he’s afraid of getting hit. That’s what makes a quarterback in the NFL. Look at the ones that know they’re going to get hit in standing there and still pass the ball! He plays scared football!!! Maybe if you paid attention you would realize he was worse this year than last year. Let us rejoice that we have a team now that’s coming together to possibly, just maybe able to make it into the playoffs? We have a coach, although he’s a rookie coach, seems to be pretty smart, but he’s still learning. We have players that make mistakes but rebound for the next game, showing they learned from their mistakes! The only reason I can possibly come up with for some people still making excuses for Weedon is they see a lot of themselves in him!

  13. Zachary Roberts

    They should sign me
    1. I’m not weeden
    2.I’m 15 so they have 7 years to train me.
    3.I’d get paid league minimum.
    4.Did I mention I’m not weeden.

    • Brandon Li

      Can I be the back up QB ???

      I’m 18, 6’1″ 215lbs and run a 4.25 to 4.33 40. Though my best position or sport is Shortstop or boxing.

      I’ll work for hotdogs.

      I can also sing and dance

      I’m used to rough housing with my 11 month old Clydesdale Colt. So in no way is getting run over by a mere 350 lb human gonna bother me

      Aaaand the #1 reason to sign me is I’m not Mr. Weeden either :)

      • LG

        You probably would do a better job than Weeden…

  14. sparkyfarley

    Vince Young is ready, willing and able + a free agent. He would be a much better backup fo Jason!

  15. Brandon Li

    Watching Mr. Weeden really makes me miss Colt McCoy. He may not throw as hard as Weeden or Derek Anderson but he was mobile, could take a hit (proven so often), and seemed more aware of his surroundings.

    If nothing else Colt was one tough Texan and a good guy as well like Mr. Weeden.


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