There is an article on the official web site of the Cleveland Browns that says, Trent Richardson is learning how to be a pro. What does that mean? Should it come easy to a running back that was a beast in college?

The thing people are starting to wonder is when he is going to learn how to run in the NFL.

Richardson has a bad habit of dancing a little too much. He needs to get the ball handed to him then hit the holes and forget about all the dancing he does.

When he uses too many steps he is allowing the defense to catch up to him. We saw this last season when the Browns started using Hardesty in the running game.

When they handed the ball to Montario he was able to hit the hole and explode to a higher per carry average than T-Rich. Someone need to explain that dancing with the stars comes after you’re done with your NFL career.

T-Rich  needs to learn how to run like a pro before he can become a pro,

It is hard to change someone’s running style but if the Browns could somehow get their running back to grab the ball and hit the holes and forget all the dancing he would pick up his yards per carry instantly.

Stop the dancing and start the running.

This is the message the Browns coaching staff should deliver to Trent Richardson……


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