In a season that has been plagued with injuries, the young Kyrie Irving is ready to get back to balling as he calls it. Head coach Byron Scott has said; Irving has bugged him for the past week. Scott went on to say he was tiered of hearing Irving tell him to let him get back to balling.

The Cavs will start Irving tonight as they play the New Orleans Hornets tonight. Scott said he will start the little guy and watch to see how he performs. Irving is going to have to look fresh throughout the game.  The minute coach Scott sees Irving looking fatigued, is when he will sit him.

The Cavaliers have ruled out starting Irving in back to back games. He will be sitting out of tomorrows game. Scott went on to say Irving has already bugged him about being able to play in back to back games too.

The young man wants to play basketball. The way the Cavs season has gone, it is a wonder they would play him at all for the rest of this years NBA season. The Cavaliers aren’t contending for anything at this point in time except a lotto pick. What else is new?

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