By Bishop Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin

Our Indians are in third place in the Central Division, but a win is a win.  The season is young yet and these Cleveland boys are playing some very good baseball I’m not the best sports commentator. But, I do know the word of God let me share it with some of you!

There’s a much larger, more lasting success than you could possibly construct. Ultimately, your success is not the result of your degree, or your plan, or your intelligence, or your hard work. It’s the result of the blessing of Almighty God – those few weeks in the season when you say, “Oh Lord, give our Indians Baseball team success today.”   So tune in tomorrow and listen to the “sports Outreach Ministires Show Program @7:00 p.m. est. on Thursday Nights for more update on out Teams and city news and comments.

Your Host Biship Abu Hezekiah Mujahiddin, Miracle of Faith Church and Publisher of GNOM Magazine

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