Phil Robertson has been suspended from Duck Dynasty for speaking his mind. America was once the land of the free and the home of the brave. This land included free speech. You were protected by the United State Constitution. You were guaranteed free speech.

These days your speech isn’t free anymore, just ask Phil Robertson. He talked about his feelings towards homosexuality and he was suspended for speaking his mind. He hurt no one and he stated his opinion.

The America we used to live in, is gone. The country is turning into a police state. No longer are people able to speak their mind. Phil is being made an example as to what happens if you voice your opinion and you’re not politically correct.

Robertson even quoted a verse out of the bible when voicing his opinion. It didn’t matter, he is suspended because he voiced his opinion and a group of people were offended by what he said.

Yes, America the land of the free comes with a great price tag if you open your mouth and say the wrong thing these days.

The criminals and minority groups have more rights in this country than your common everyday working man. When did this transformation happen?

People need to stop being so easily offended by someone’s opinion. Phil Robertson is being made a target. They are making an example out of him. What they are really doing is showing people if you have the guts to speak your mind, you are going to pay a price for doing so.

This is not the America we once knew. We need to take action and take back the country.


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