We at Streaming Sports Talk want to wish The Russell Reed show good luck. Rick Wilson the creator of the Russell Reed show has decided to part ways with Streaming Sports Talk at this time. We at Streaming Sports Talk feel that it is ion our best interest to issue a public statement at this time.

It has been brought to our attention the Rick Wilson AKA Russell Reed or what ever nae he assumes, has made certain promises to certain venders. At this time we at Streaming Sports Talk want to make it perfectly clear that Rick Wilson AKA Russell Reed never had any prior authorization to make any kind of agreements on the behalf of Streaming Sports Talk, Cleveland Sports 360 or USA Sports 360.

It has been brought to our attention that Rick Wilson AKA, Russell Reed promised to make deposits with area businesses. Rick Wilson never talk to us at Streaming Sports Talk and had no authorization to make any deals on our behalf. We understand that Mr. Wilson has a past of making promises that he couldn’t hold up. If he promised anyone anything on the behalf of Streaming Sports talk or any of our subsidiaries, we apologize for your inconvenience.

Further more, we have heard from several fans of Streaming Sports Talk about The Russell Reed shows verbal abuse of some of the women that may have been co-hosts in the past. We at Streaming Sports Talk apologize for letting those comments get out onto the airways and assure you it won’t happen again. All of the Russell Reed video’s have been removed from our hosting site.

At this time, we at Streaming Sports Talk would like to issue an apology to Jennifer Lynn Jackson and Daniella Dior who are two of the women that we are aware of. We are sorry about the way The Russell Reed show verbally abused you two women and we want you to know, we thought you both had class and we never condoned those comments. Rest assured we took the proper steps to remove all the Russell Reed shows from our archives.

Further more it has been brought to my attention that Rick Wilson AKA Russell Reed is saying things about me that are false.  Thanks for bringing those things to my attention and believe me when I tell you this. You have to consider the source.

I have been a stand up guy around the Cleveland Area for years. I have served in the community and went out of my way to help others my entire life. All  one has to do is to Google my name and they will see my reputation speaks for itself.

Rest assured, while we appreciate being made aware of any lies Rick Wilson, AKA Russell Reed is telling people, it doesn’t bother us. You have to consider the source. You can also rest assure we at Streaming Sports Talk will never put up with this kind of behavior again.

We are raising our standards and will not host a sub-standard show such as the Russell Reed show again. Thanks for your patience and your continued support for Streaming Sports Talk. Without you the fan, we wouldn’t be doing this…..





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  1. Joy Brown

    Wow! I KNOW you are a stand up guy, LG! Nothing anyone says could make me feel different. Never liked that guy. When he was tryin to do stuff with semi-pro a few years back, he did nothing but give me the heebs and the jeebs!

    • LG

      I hear ya. Should have known better than to try and help this guy out. I would get texts during his show telling me how bad he was but I thought he could come around. One guy said if Russell Reed says he has been doing this for 28 years again he would puke. To tell you what kind of guy he is, I loaned him 60 dollars when he was evicted from his apartment for not paying the rent on time. Hey only ever paid me back 20 of it. Then when I told him to use the other 40 dollars he owes me to make a donation to the fund we started to help, he said no…..I should have known a deadbeat guy like this isn’t going to pay back his debts….Oh well ya live and ya learn.

  2. dwayne curtis

    LG we, diamond kings fastpitch know you pretty well now and ya need too know you will always have our full support. Been nothing but top notch and classy. That’s just the simple truth

    Dwayne Curtis,Justin Tersigni and the Diamond Kings

    • LG

      Thanks Guys. I have always been a man of my word and try to help others…

  3. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you guys would ever smarten up and get rid of the russell reed show. That guy sucks. Who ever let this guy have a show in the first place should have their heads examined. Besides have you people ever looked at his facebook page the russell reed show? It is obvious he treats women like objects, he is a pervert….

  4. Concerned victim of harrasment

    The Russell Reed show sucks. This guy is some kind of pervert just trying to lure in women. This guy harassed me and my boy friend calling us all kinds of names.

    If girls were smart they would stay as far away from this pervert as they can. He tries to act like he is some kind of business man and he is going to get you into some kind of calender shoot.

    He is only doing this so he can satisfy his own needs. Some of the questions he asks when talking about a calender shoot make no sense.

    I thin this guy has major problems with women. He is also very prejudice against black people too..

  5. dwayne curtis

    I think its time I let loose on this sonofabitch and give him the verbal ass whooping he deserves. How do I reach him???


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