The Zimmerman trial played seems to be moving fairly quick. They had the lead detective on the stand Monday and they played the recorded interview of George Zimmerman. The lead detectives said on the interview to Zimmerman;

“You basically jumped out of the car to see where he was going. That’s not fear,”

Zimmerman has claimed he used deadly force because he was fearing for his own life. Many think this should be a hate crime. When Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin many felt it was because Martin was black.

The jury watched the videotaped interview as the lead detective testified. They got to see Zimmerman’s re-enactment of the fatal altercation taped by police in his Sanford, Fla. gated community the day after the shooting.

On the video tape the detectives asked Zimmerman if he asked Martin what he was doing in the community, he replied; I didn’t want to confront him and it wasn’t my job. For someone who didn’t want to confront someone, he sure didn’t have much of a problem jumping out of his car to confront him.

The bottom line is if Zimmerman would have listened to the police, stayed in his car until they got there he wouldn’t be standing trail now. This trial could send Zimmerman to prison for a long time.


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