Today the news of the Patriots losing their star tight end Rob Gronkowski for the rest of the season hit the major news wires. Gronkowski is out with a torn ACL in his right knee compliments of Browns safety T.J. Ward.

Gronkowski took the hit from Ward as he was trying to break away and make his move after he caught a pass from Brady in the 3rd quarter. Not only does Gronk have a torn ACL, he also suffered some damage to his MCL.

It was a picture perfect hit by Ward, the kind the NFL offices want to see this season. Thanks to Roger Goodell, the NFL is asking defensive backs and safeties to go low with their tackles.

That’s exactly what Ward did, he went low and now Gronkowski is done for season and it is questionable if he will be able to start the 2014 season.

Gronkowski is going to have a lengthy rehabilitation process ahead of him. He caught 39 catches this season for 592 yards after missing the first 6 games of the season while waiting to be cleared to play because of his arm problems.

It’s shame players get injured, but injuries have always been a part of the game. This would be a great opportunity for Gronkowski’s agent to get him a snickers bar commercial.

With this injury it is clear, Gronk isn’t going anywhere for a while. Hey we wish him all the best and hope he can make a full recovery and get back as soon as possible.


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  1. Anonymous

    This is how the NFL wanted it! Know they got it! How is that working for them? I don’t want to see any player hurt, but were headed towards Flag-Football! Won’t that be exciting! Question!How does the Officiating seem to get by them when it happens to the Browns???


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