By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

There ain’t no fool dumber than a White mouth mule, a fool and his money will soon part,you got to trick a witch an fool a beitche ,(don’t think I can’t spell ). It’s never no fun when the rabbit got the gun, or the hunter getting captured by the game. The whole world is watching you.

Submitting to the lowest nature of man (Lust) is not supposed to define your character it’s supposed to sustain your life through mistake after mistake, until sick and tired of being sick and tired sets in, and change begins to take place.How can a person be so naive.

Tiger Woods, if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. I know this has not been explained to you this way. Think golf since that ‘s all you really know .

The fair way is always trouble and needs the least amount of skill, why cause the green gets you payed, the money is in how long it takes to get there. Every stroke is time, time is what you spend (your time) in order to get the money you need to do the things in life that make you happy.

So you spend most of your time being the best golfer you can be.Now lets look at this engagement, and supposed marital agreement.

First the whole is dark, it has little to no light in it at all,yeah that’s right the one you sink your balls into when you use the club.

You are not supposed to let the hole kick your balls back in your face. Dictate the outcome before the marriage, tucking your balls and clubs back in the sack and therefore gelding you, breaking you from kingship to servant.

Broke busted and disgusted. You know how long it took yo plumb dumb butt to kick back after the last, beitch attack. This time don’t show no slack ,cause from this witch won’t be know Git-Back.

Tiger you were never supposed to be but you are a great golfer listed with the greats. you are what your father is as much as you would like to be something other than a Black man how do we know all one has to do is look at you.

Know one is going to say that they despise you because you hit the hole so well. Read DR. Francis Crest Welsing ,her book The Isis Papers.

Learn keep your Balls,work your club,and fill the holes.

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