There is little doubt Tiger Woods is a great golfer, but should he have been named PGA player of the year? He didn’t win a major to go along with his 5 wins this season, and he was caught cheating again to go along with his other 3 In-discrepancies.

Woods was caught cheating when he took a bad drop at Augusta, he wasn’t disqualified and he was allowed to finish the tournament. He latest attempt at failing to record a penalty shot came a couple of weeks ago when the PGA tour watched a video brought to their attention, when Tiger’s ball was moved while he was moving debris around his ball.

How many times are we going to see the PGA tour cut Woods some slack? The only reason they haven’t disqualified Woods is because they don’t want their television ratings to drop. Golf fans around the world are tired of seeing Woods on every telecast whether he is on top of the leader-board or not.

There are a lot of other players that were deserving of the Player Of the Year title. One guy that comes to mind is Phil Mickelson who played one of the best rounds of his career at this years Open Championship.

Woods hasn’t won a major in years, yet they continue to name him as Player Of The Year. Why? Why not let someone else be names PGA Player of the year? Why is it Tiger? Why is everything to do with PGA Tour golf wrapped around Tiger Woods?

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  1. Frank Rogers

    Damm Right

  2. E24


    Obviously you are unaware of this fact, but the PGA does not choose their Player of the Year. The Player of the Year is voted on by the PGA Tour Players. That’s right, the other players are the ones who VOTED for Tiger. It is not some grand conspiracy by the PGA to keep Tiger at the top. It is his peers who do that for him.

    I am by no means a Tiger fan, but this crap of calling him a cheater shows pure ignorance when it comes to penalties in golf. Tiger did get some penalties this year. So did many other Tour players but none of them were called cheaters. If you break a rule, you pay a penalty. Just like in football. You interfere with a receiver catching a pass, you get a pass interference penalty. Yet no one is saying the defender cheated, he simply broke a rule and paid for it.

    • g.v.

      I have to say that yes others were penalized, the difference is they called them on themselves!!! tiger clearly saw his ball move and stopped what he was doing and walked off to his caddie. so I too say he cheated in the greatest gentlemans game ever.

    • Anonymous

      He just never calls penalties on himself like the other players do, he only admits to them when they are caught on tape!

    • Anonymous

      Tiger’s “penalties” were not the usual for the PGA. The PGA did cut him some slack. He should have been disqualified at Augusta. That is what the rules read. And you’re right, lots of players have infractions. But they are held accountable to the maximum penalty allowed. Tiger was not. He was given- granted- some slack. I’m not mad about it, just wish more people would own up to it and agree. It’s just the simple truth. John

  3. PatrickLA

    Winning 1 Major and nothing else doe not make you POY! Tiger had a consistent year and won 5 times over 8 month period. No one else won more than 2 times, so who do you pick? Yea, he has his troubles on Sundays now, especially in Majors, but he is still the most consistently good player on the tour!

  4. martin

    when you can play like tiger then and only then can you be his critic,nuff said.


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