You don’t want to miss this weeks episode of the Ready To Rumble show. Tonight show will contain a Father’s Day segment to wish all the Fathers out there a happy Father’s day. Nobody brings entertainment to the airways the way the Rottweiler does it.

Big Jeff Woods puts his show together each and every Sunday night at 8 by policing the city all week ling visiting some of the best gyms in the Northern Ohio area to find some of the best up and coming boxers.

Woods talks about politics, how to set examples for kids, how to keep the youth out of trouble and most of all his love of God. Jeff Woods may bring heavy punches to the jaw when he climbs into the ring but when he is outside of the squared circle, Woods sets a great example for others to follow.

Big Jeff Woods has been in the studio making his new CD titled Ballin & Boxing that is set to be released sometime in July. Again Woods is setting another great example of how to make a Rap CD that has no violence and now bad language.

So be sure to tune into the Ready To Rumble show tonight at 8:00P.M. EST and the Rottweiler presents his special Fathers day addition of the Ready to Rumble show with his co-host Al Jones only at You can call into the show by dialing 216-672-4300.

In the mean time, Happy Fathers day to all the dads in the world from Big Jeff Woods and the entire staff at streaming Sports Talk dot com..


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