By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

It’s sometimes amazing that our (Americans) people can be so trusting,to a fault. Our country has more diversity than any where in the world today,we are the worlds largest consumers,and throw away more garbage than any one.We have the most interracial couples,and probably the most homo-sexual marriages.The prison population is some states gross product which means the state could not survive without it.We have the largest food distribution centers in the world,and more diversity in religious belief. It’s a wonder more people have not lost their minds! How much can a nation take before there is rebellion across the board? My country is of thee sweet land of liberty,our for fathers built this once great country of ours with a concept of great freedom,one Nation under GOD with Liberty and justice for all, all that  had something to offer to ad to without disturbing the peace of the nation. If we the people,could tell the natives of this land that they needed to be rehabilitated in order to dwell among the conquers of their home, we as a people need to legislate in order to keep our land. I’m saying to you America unless we control diversity we become the prisoners of our freedom. What else do we need to happen before another crisis befalls us because some one has a different view of how America is suppose live. Are we ready for forced marshal law as a way of life?,are we willing in our pursuit of happiness to be blind to the possibility that we could wake up one morning and no longer be the Worlds crutch,instead become the worlds prison house. Well ”’If my people who are called by my name would turn from their wicked ways,and acknowledge me and obey me then will I heal the land”.

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