The Vegas odds makers must know something about the Cleveland Browns that the public doesn’t. They placed the odds of the Browns making it to the 2014 Super Bowl at 60 to 1. That is better than 6 other NFL team’s. If you like to bet on long shots, maybe you should place some money on the Browns.

The team has undergone another head coaching change and the entire defense is being revamped this year. Offensively, the Browns should look a little better. Some don;t see any major changes coming to the Cleveland offense while others think Norv Turner is going to make things happen in Cleveland.

Rob Chudznski is in his first year as a head coach and he should win a few more games than the guy he replaced did. Cleveland has some guys who could be considered play-makers, but they have yet to have break out seasons. Cleveland has a young team and most of the guys on offense should be improved this season.

The Browns have better odds of making the super bowl than the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans & Buffalo Bills who all go off at: 100/1.

Then there is Arizona Cardinals at : 150/1. I think Vegas better reconsider this one.

The Oakland Raiders & Jacksonville Jaguars are real long shots at: 200/1

If you like to take long shots this may be for you….

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Greg

    60 : 1. I’ll take those odds.

  2. Jeremy

    So your telling me there’s a chance…

    • LG

      Vegas odds makers are telling you there is a chance. Put your money down…

      • Tom Wynne

        what? 6 Cleveland based high school teams? Just wondering…


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