The Cleveland Browns have some new coaches and it is Super Bowl weekend. Now, back to the matters of taking care of business. Fans all over Cleveland are wondering if this will be Brandon Weeden’s last weekend as a member to the Cleveland Browns.

Teams can’t make cuts until after the Super Bowl and with that game being played Sunday, first thing Monday morning Mr. Weeden could be in for a taste of being cut.. The Browns wasted a 1st round draft pick on this bust out who actually thinks he can play on the NFL level.

It is clear by his failed attempt he cannot. Weeden doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NFL. The man is scared when he is being rushed and he doesn’t have the mental capacity to learn how to get rid of the football faster. This guy brings the Browns total of wasted 1st round picks to 2 from the 2012 draft.

We all know how well Trent Richardson played when he was traded to Indy. The Browns aren’t going to see lightning strike twice. There is no NFL GM dumb enough to give Cleveland a first round pick to take Brandon Weeden off their hands.

This time Cleveland is going to have to cut their losses and just cut Brandon Weeden. He was a complete waste of time and he set the Browns back a couple of years with his stupid mistakes.

Once Weeden is out of Cleveland the fans will no longer have to worry about his stupid underhand throws to the wrong team.  I for one hope we can all say good buy to Mr Weeden next week and we never have to worry about him in a Browns uniform again.

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  1. marty

    Not everyone is meant for the NFL.Too much for management to admit they made a mistake. Keeping Weedon as long as they did hurt the team in the long run. We can just imagine what went on in close doors. Offensive players threatened to protect the QB at all costs. This affected how they played the run. The determination to not play Colt McCoy.Selecting weedon in the draft will go down as the worst decision ever made.


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