The Cleveland Browns is a team without a head coach. Many think once free agency starts on March 11th, they will also be without the services of center Alex Mack and Safety T,J, Ward. Many experts are predicting the team won’t resign 2 of the best players currently on their roster.

Some think Ward the 27-year-old will demand more money than Joe Banner is willing to pay. They also think the 28-year-old Mack will fall into the same category. Banner has a history of trying to cut salaries. He will let great players walk to save the team’s owner a buck or two.

The Cleveland Browns are coming off a difficult season when talking about the offensive line. The only guy on the roster that handles the football as often as the QB does, is the center. Mack has been an iron man for the Browns. If the team tries t replace him at center, the rebuilding process will continue for several more seasons.

Mack is still young enough to bring value to his position. He has several good seasons ahead and it will all come down to Banner’s willingness to pay for a quality player.

When it comes to T.J. Ward, the Browns should sign this veteran. He is coming off a great season and he too should have been named to the pro bowl.  It is going to be difficult for his agent to convince the Browns (Joe Banner) that Ward is worth the kind of money his play requires.

The Browns already have enough problems trying to build this team into a winner. The last thing they need to do is to get rid of guys who can help them play quality football. With the way the team is doing thing at present, it will be a wonder if any free agents ever want to come to Cleveland…..

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