The Cleveland Browns new general manager has to be looking for the industrial sized jug of Weeden-B-Gon, left behind by the former front office and coaching staff.

The team has starting making some personnel changes and what took some by surprise was the team releasing D’Qwell Jackson while Brandon Weeden was still on the team’s roster.

It’s simple, Jackson had a multi-dollar bonus coming his way, and Weeden didn’t. If Weeden was the guy waiting in line to grab a huge check from the team, you can bank on the fact the team would have shown him the door first.

Now that we are getting this close to free agency kicking in, I expect Farmer to find the jug of Weeden-B-Gon and spray the wasted former first round pick with it and then show him the door.

It will be time for the Browns to move on from this failed Brandon Weeden experiment. Hopefully the team learned not to draft a 28-year-old quarterback in the future.

Weeden didn’t deserve to be drafted in the first round and it was a complete waste of money taking him with the 22nd pick in the 2012 draft. Again thank you Mike Holmgren for sticking the knife in the back of Browns fans after you ripped off the team for 40 million.

Come on Ray Farmer, find the Weeden-B-Gone and use it. Just a couple of quick squirts and that problem will be solved.



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