By Minister Thomas M. Bailey

Where is Michael Jordan ? I saw him on the 18 doin just fine . The Bulls are raging , “wheres our coach,  Oh that’s right Phil’s in Cali with the Lakers .

Running on fumes is right along with the sense of a peanut. who was Chicago before Mike And Phil. Nobody knows. So when they could’nt find anyone to blame they blame the little guy. Ask your self who did Labron Dunk on Well I will tell you he dunk on the whole Franchise , for sending their sorry no playing behinds out to challenge the Heat in the first place .

The NBA playoffs is supposed to be about competition . I really don’ t  see the need to rehash this thang over and over again the American Public all ready knows at some point the Bulls would Have to take the Heat turned up1000 degrees to establish themselves not only as number one but totally unbeatable.

Not just any team can run the floor with the Heat. It takes five men on a court to establish dominance .With back up. I know LaBron not only as a player, but as a man , see he comes to win games and anyone that has played with him will attest to this fact.

He is right now the best all around ball player in the NBA. Chicago you were foolish as a Franchise not as a team. You played well with  what you had to work with .

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