Could Kobe Bryant be considered a cheap person? I mean here we go again with his mother trying to sell his stuff. Why won;t he take care of his own mother with some of the millions he has made in the NBA?

Why is she trying to sell his things in the first place? Does she need the money to get buy. A better question might be, why is all Kobe’s stuff at his mothers in the first place. The guy is old enough to take care of his own things.

In stead of giving his mother what she needs, he finds it easier to get involved in a court battle over his things being auctioned off. This is past the point of being crazy already. For Kobe to end up in court over his things being sold by his mother, shows his priorities are in the wrong place.

He has more than enough money to take good care of his mother. he should be doing the right thing and not be in court with his mother as the defendant. Come on Kobe, man up and take care of your mother.


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  1. MyOpinion


    Normal family squabble, everyone knows how much money Kobe has.

    My opinion is, know one needs to know the why, within my family squabble.

    Just My Opinion…

  2. Bobby

    What a joke you are. Are you so well versed in Kobe’s life you know how much he has given his mother already? You know for a fact that she didn’t come to his house and take his things, or that it’s so far off that his mother would want to have some memorabilia of her son around? What an idiotic article and irresponsible journalism. I’m all for free speech and voicing your opinion but you write an article based on what info, a rumor? Good source. Maybe Kobe has given his mom 200 million already but she keeps leaching more and more who knows, but you don’t that’s for sure. First thing you do is insult Kobe, nice job moron.

    • V

      Exactly. Well said. Plus – the grammar is equivalent to a pre-school toddler :)

      • LG

        Grammar? This is sports writing not a novel.

  3. Keith Edmonson

    Kobe you should be ashamed, disgracing your mom. You snitched on my frat brother Shaq and now sueing the woman that brought you in the world.This is a former NBA player.I only played two years and bought my mom a BMW and a house.Whatever differences you may have, drop the lawsuit and give your mom the money she needs.

    • Robert

      shame on you, you have no idea of what she has gotten from him already. No one should comment on this, you know nothing about it and there are two sides to the KOBE check book here.

    • Anonymous


  4. shirl

    Why does he have too give her money ma sure he has already done so. and her husband work he is coaching overseas. the man has his own family now to provide for.maybe if they would try too get along with his wife and respect the fact that that is who he married he would give them money and his wife would say it’s okay that he’s his body that he make’s his money with and he can do whatever he want’s too with his money!!! it’s his damm money not anyone else’s..

    • Deirdra MUbdi

      You said a mouth full. You know all your children owe you is RESPECT……….. that is all. Being a parent you want your children to land a good job so that they can support themself and being that he has a family that is understoon his family. WIFE and CHILDREN. I know that KOBE, and most rich athelets have given a great amount of money sponsoring needy begging friends and relative. At some point this has to stop and a cut off point is needed. I would charish those items as a mother if I had them in my possession. I have two sons that still have stuff and things at our home and it is welcome to stay there. Nothing that is of value like Kobe’s stuff. I can sell the W/D and Table and chair set. Timb’s, Hats etc. But I don’t have that to do. Mrs. Bryant is wrong and she will regret that auction if it takes place. I pray it does not. I pray that she finds it within her heart to have a relationship with her son and his wife and beautiful darling grandgirls…….. She is truly missing out. Kobe I love you as a person and as the Best………. Basketball Player that I know and enjoy seeing. Keep your head up. It will work out.

  5. Robert

    Don’t ever pretend to know what or what not he has already has done for his family members and you may or may not know what they have done with the “gifts” already given. Sometimes you just need to turn off the gift giving machine. You probably have no idea of either side or past “gifts” from Kobe to anyone.. or reasons to close the check book.

  6. James

    If you would have taken 10 minutes to “investigate” your “story” you would know that he has given her millions over the years, and now she wanted to buy another house. So she asked him for money. He offered to give her $250,000 towards a house, but she didn’t think that was enough.

    • LG

      Come on man, I know e has given her money in the past but with the money he has why not give her a little more?

      • James

        That is why there are so many broke former athletes. How many millions did Allen Iverson make and now he is broke.

        But even if you think he should give here the money, what kind of mother could sell off her sons stuff like that. That is inexcusable!

        • LG

          Why did he get his stuff away from his mom? He is a big boy. If he really cared about the stuff enough to battle in court with his mother for, he should have taken it to his house.

  7. James

    Again if you did some research…some of the stuff was taken from his house.

    • LG

      I didn’t know that. How did she get away with the stuff from his house? He could press charges I’ll bet….

  8. Me

    All you fools shaming Kobe are obviously idiots. His mom wants an “additional” house in Las Vegas. He’s given her loads of money over the years, and now she’s just getting greedy. Try actually looking into things before bashing people and being judgmental and high and mighty. You’re just as bad as the fool who wrote this one sided article…nice journalism, jerk.


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