How many time have we heard people ask, how could God let this happen? Especially when people see a guy like Ariel Castro allowed to walk on the face of this earth. This week we found out that the tree women who have been missing for a decade were being held captive at the run down house.

Lets face it Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus went through a living hell. Hell exists on this Earth. This is another topic for the hosts of the Sports Outreach  Ministries Program. The program will air tonight at 7:00P.M. only on

Be sure to log on tonight and hear what the Bishop and the Minister have to say about why GOD would let something like this happen. Call into the show with your questions. You can pick up the phone and dial 216-672-4300 and ask any question you have on your mind.

We may never know what makes a guy like Ariel Castro, do the things he has been accused of doing, but we can certainly get a better understanding about why God would allow this short of thing to take place in Earth. Be sure to catch tonight’s program to get a better understanding on why things like this happen….

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