Tonight, Chip Kelly will take part in his first NFL draft and some are wondering if his is going to be as foolish as he was the day he gave the offensive coordinator spot to Pat Shurmur. It is too early to say whether Kelly’s fast paced offense is going to work for the Eagles in the NFL.

Tonight, we should get a glimpse as to whether or not Kelly himself believes it will work. If Kelly takes an offensive lineman with the teams first pick then, we can bank on seeing some of his college offensive tactics. making the transition in the NFL.

If Kelly doesn’t take a line man in with the team’s first pick, than it is anyone’s guess about what kind of offense Kelly would try to run in the NFL. Some Eagles fans are probably hoping the Kelly could draft a new offensive coordinator with the team’s first pick.

Some are pretty nervous about Shurmur’s role with the Eagles after what they saw the past couple of years when Shurmur was a head coach in the NFL. It is going to be an interesting season for Eagles fans, Anything can happen with Chip Kelly at the helm.

If he uses his first pick for an offensive lineman, than we are going to see his typical Chip Kelly style of offense this season.

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  1. Chris

    Your an idoit. You ever think you just take the best player availible means just that. The player taken first is not going to show anymore of what Kelly will do then his last. You need to get off the blogs and do something else cause you dont know sXXt about football

    • LG

      Chris, either does the Eagles Offensive Coordinator, it hasn’t stopped him has it? Here is a piece of advice for you Chris. Before you call someone an Idiot, make sure to spell it correctly……

      • Pete

        I kind of agree with Chris although I don’t think I’d use the personal attacks. I highly doubt the first pick is any clear indication of Chip’s offensive style.

        And while we’re teaching spelling, “neither” and “hasn’t” could use some work in your reply above.

  2. Kris

    Before you start criticizing people on spelling, maybe you should check your blog first. (Tonight, we should get a glimpse as top whether or not Kelly himself believes it will work). Believe me Kelly will have his hands all over what this offense will do. Shurmur is just there for experience. Out of the 12 years shurmur coached in the nfl he was a part of seven playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance. So please tell me what’s your argument on him? So do yourself a favor and apply for a job at bk or something because this isn’t for you bro


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