The Boston Red Sox, can now get back to playing baseball, they postponed yesterday’s game against the Royals because of the mayhem caused by the man-hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers.  With a terrorist on the loose, the city didn’t want to risk further injury to its citizens. The Red Sox and Major League baseball put the game on hold.

The man-hunt for the second bombing suspect came to an end about 8 O’clock last night. The entire city was closed down for most of the day, after the shooting death of one of the bombing suspects.

Today the people in the Boston area can’t wait to get out to the ballpark to support their Red Sox. The team is playing some great baseball and they completed a sweep over their former manager’s Cleveland Indians.

The Red Sox are 11-4 on the season and have a 2 game lead over the New York Yankees. The Red Sox are currently enjoying a 6 game win streak and they hope to extend it to 7 with a win today. The City of Boston is hoping that things can get back to normal today and they are hoping the Boston Red Sox can help them do that.

The Red Sox have been one of Boston’s pride and joys for many years. For some, the team means everything. Today, they just might mean more than normal to the people of Boston. GOD bless them all..

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