After watching the Norv Turner Custom built offense in week one, that was supposed to favor Brandon Weeden’s skill set, Browns fans have plenty to be concerned about. Greg Little one of the Browns wide receivers came out and said they have plenty of tricks in store for the Ravens game this Sunday.

The fans now just have to hope, some of those tricks include catching the football. Weeden attempted 53 passes and only completed 26 of them. There were some drops during the game, but there weren’t 27 drops that’s for sure. The Browns offense started to sputter under Weeden’s command during their 3rd preseason game against the Colts.

The new coaching staff decided to sit Weeden and most of the starters in game 4 and you have to wonder if a little rust settled into the offense that was able to stay in control during the team’s first 2 preseason games. The defensive pressure the Dolphins applied, also appeared to bother Weeden.

Maybe one of the tricks the Browns have in store for the Ravens better include a way for the offensive line to protect the quarterback without getting so many penalties. The Browns face an uphill battle heading into Baltimore. It is good to hear that Little is confident heading into week 2.

It may take more than a few tricks for the Browns to improve their offense enough in one week to beat the defending world champion Baltimore Ravens. But lets hope they can at least make a game out of it.

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