Football season is upon us. If you cannot, or maybe just do not want to pay money for an NFL package to see professional football teams across the country, there is another option if you are willing to give up the comfort of your cable TV in search of live streaming on the Internet. The only thing that you will need really is Internet access. With live streaming, you will watch the game in a totally different way. Your viewing comfort will depend on the robustness of your Internet service provider (ISP). If your ISP is not robust, you may see small flashes on the video stream .

Even though your ISP may claim to have the fastest speed sometimes videos freeze the picture, the frame is skipped or video may be non-functional. All these are minor issues that tend to repair themselves, but when you have a few seconds left and your home team is heading for a touchdown; functionality matter. Ensure that you have a robust and solid ISP. With live streaming, you can watch every NFL game without having to pay for cable and as long as you have an Internet connection can watch the game anywhere. It gives you broadcast live football streaming directly on your computer. According to Verizon and Google Fiber you have download speeds up to 500 Mbps. If you live in the rural part of town you can still stream, I believe the satellite internet providers that has the widest footprint is hughes net the moment. As with any feed streaming quality can vary, and you should invest in some cables and such to connect a computer to a TV. If you are getting ready for the game, you have a few options for live streaming of football .

First Row Sports

Besides football, this international site has a reasonable selection of other types of sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and more. There are lots of NFL games on the roster from a variety of sources. First Row Sports is free, which is great for the most part, but it does have some weaknesses: Beware of the many popup ads. You may also need a few plugins for video playback, which may unleash unwanted software such as spyware, trojans, and all kinds of on your computer. Make sure you have a decent antivirus program to protect your computer . (College Football)

Ok, this is rather complicated, because ESPN will not really stream NFL games online at all (although you can see a lot of pre-game coverage, highlights, and analysis). Instead, ESPN is a good place to find college football weekend, both live and repeats, which is usually given within one hour after the end of the game. Although you may not get the NFL on ESPN 3, the website offers one of the best sports streaming options anywhere. The live stream quality is good. To live stream on your ISP must be approved by ESPN but they have a long list of approved providers. Contact your provider then sign up for the live stream. Once you do, however, you can use the connection, no matter where you are or what provider to use at the time.

This site live streams NFL games and it also includes a search functionality so that you could search for your favorite teams. For each match-up, it will provide a list of places to go to watch the game. Interestingly enough not all games are listed on Some have also noticed small gaps in their coverage. It’s mostly a good bet, however, and if you are having trouble finding a good live stream since you will be able to see your options here .

This football season, you could make all of the fancy football packages on cable optional. Give live stream a try. Once you do, you may just end up watching every season this way.

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