For weeks people have asked me, “when is the Masters.” Now that it is Masters week and the tournament starts Thursday April 11th and runs through Sunday April 14th we can put that question to rest.

Tiger Woods is coming into the 2013 Masters as the clear favorite by all the odds makers to win this years Masters. What those odds makers didn’t know was how made Woods is that he hasn’t been able to win a Masters tournament in the last 7 years.

If people plan to bet on Woods to win, they better take into account the Tiger temper. if he doesn’t keep his cool this week, he could end up costing himself a shot at another green jacket. Tiger Woods seems to be at peace coming into this years tournament, at least on the outside.

His love life seems to have settled down, his golf swing seems to be reliable again and his putting has been fantastic,since his friend and fellow PGA Tour professional gave him a putting lesson.

There is one more thing the Odds makers may not have taken into account. Woods, has 86 other guys who would like to win a green jacket of their own. Of course not all of them are capable of winning this week, there are several guys who can chase Tiger down.

I wouldn’t count out last years Masters champion Bubba Watson who seems to be playing fairly well himself these days. Come Sunday evening about 7:00p.m., we will see if Tiger Woods can claim his 15th major golf tournament.

If he can’t, we should expect that anger he has carried around for the last seven-years to boil over.



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  1. Minister Thomas M. Bailey

    All I have to say is ,Tiger has been though enough,having to explain his unfaithfulness. He’s doing just fine trying to hold down being a acceptable man,as well as a all american (1)woman’s man,(By White Americas Black Mans Standard).Find something else to talk about,Like his natural ability, to kick BUTT.

  2. Minister Thomas M. Bailey

    If he can keep his mind off of the blond hex. Tiger you are looking in the wrong hole,using the wrong balls, and swinging the wrong club.


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