It’s their opponents’ faults. The Seahawks and the Colts both won their games against Jim Harbaugh’s 49′ers in the pits–something I wouldn’t have predicted before either contest took place. And Seattle beat them up all over the field–something that didn’t come as a total surprise to me given the fact that the Seahawks’ players aren’t afraid of San Francisco’s and are as physical a team as there is in the NFL. But the Colts did the exact same thing to the 49′ers this past weekend for a few glaringly obvious reasons:


NO Mario Manningham, NO Michael Crabtree, NO Vernon Davis, and NO Randy Moss meant that the Colts players only had to defend the width of the field, not the length. So Anquan Boldin had a tough time getting open deep and that’s really not his forte anyway. Neither, for that matter, is it Colin Kaepernick’s, since he hasn’t shown either the inclination or the ability to throw the ball deep with touch–leaving aside the fact that, like Terry Bradshaw, he has a strong arm.


I’m not ready to throw in the towel on this team yet. They’re too talented and too well coached for me to do that just three games into the season.(The Giants, on the other hand, are another story) And since San Francisco has injuries up the ying yang on “O” and on “D”, I have to think that as they get healthy they’ll do a lot better going forward and will become the same formidable team this year that they proved to be last year when Kaepernick was still wet behind the ears (and scaring the shit out of his opponents anyway…)




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